The ALCA Ogden campus is excited to announce THE VOCABULARY CHALLENGE…

What is the vocabulary challenge?
AlMadina students will compete by demonstrating their knowledge of academic terms and
concepts. Students will need to give a definition and then, create a sentence for subject-specific
vocabulary words. The words are derived directly from the four core classes (Math, English,
Social Studies, Science) and are specific to each grade. Click the link below to access the list of

When will it be?
Wednesday, June 27th 8:35 AM- 12:30 PM

Who is invited to attend?
Division III students, teachers and the families of competing students

Where is it?
AlMadina Ogden Campus- The Gymnasium

What will be the prize?
5 Android Tablets that can be used as a computer, a cell phone or a TV screen will be awarded to
the winners