On Wednesday, October 26th our We Day club experienced We Day at The Scotia Bank Saddledome for an unparalleled event that brings together world-renowned speakers, A-list performers, and tens of thousands of youth to celebrate a year of action that transformed communities and changed lives. Here are real quotes from Almadina students who attended We Day this year…

We Day Experiences 2016

“My trip at We Day was really fascinating.  I enjoyed all the band performances and the different guests that came to Calgary this year. I was really inspired by the two brothers, Craig and Mark, because they explained the entire meaning of what We-Day actually is.“
~Maryam K

“We Day was the best experience i have had in my life. There were signers, ministers, dancers, dj’s, and others. It was a wonderful atmosphere. The thing that amazed me the most was when the girl asked to raise their phones with flashlights on if they have ever been bullied…. thousands of lights raised up. We day has helped so many countries and kids and families around the world, and im proud that I was a part of WE day”
~Bisma K.

“Something that inspired me at We Day was to try and stop cyber bullying because I know what it’s like to be cyber bullied. I want to try and stop cyber any  type of bullying because when people get bullied they always think about the negative of what people say.  I would like to try and get a group of people that have been bullied and try and talk about it with other students to try to stop it.”
~Tadeim N.

“We Day was insane. Like it was absolutely mental to be able to go a show and see the people that I love performing or speaking in the flesh. In case you didn’t know, I think that Spencer West, Craig and Mark Kielburger, and Chris Hadfield are probably some of the coolest and most inspiring people on this planet. These guys managed to convince me that the world isn’t all that terrible, which is something that usually only musicians do. Speaking of musicians it did not hurt at all to see Tyler Shaw there. Like, at all.”
~Sheroog K.

“My trip at We Day was really amazing.  I enjoyed all the performances; specially the one done from Taylor. The different guests that came to Calgary this year all had a heart touching experience of their life. I enjoyed listening their personal experiences. I was really inspired by the boy who was in jail,because he explained the entire situation that had happened to him.”
~Mobha K.

“I had lots of fun at We day. I was inspired a lot. I’m very grateful of having lots of stuff. I am very proud of being part of We day. The show was amazing, and I hope that i get to go again.”
~Zainab Z.

“My experience at We Day was amazing. I have been impacted in many ways, and would love to go in a trip designed by We Day someday. We Day has impacted me in many ways, and now I know there’s more I can do than just hold a bake sale in my neighbourhood.”
~Israa A

“This year at WE Day I learned that no matter how bad we think we have it, someone else in the world has it so much worse. I learned that we are very blessed with what we have and not to take anything for granted; health, food, clean water, etc. My favourite part was probably when we first arrived and we were all just singing along to random songs and dancing or when Tyler Shaw performed. My least favourite part was when people talked for hours on end, people we didn’t even know. Next year, I’m going to sign up as a volunteer to be able to relive the experience, but overall it was a great day and a great program.”
~Ghadeer A.

“On October 26,2016 we attended We Day and it was quite impacting.  The stories that were shared and the statistics that were told made me a lot more aware of what was going on around me in our world.  I did thoroughly enjoy this trip and do want to go again, hopefully as a volunteer.  All kids should go as it will open their eyes to what they don’t see in this world such as what is happening in Kenya, with moms having to make bracelets to put their children through school.”
~Sajida A.

“My experience at We Day, in my opinion, was great. I liked how everything was timed and organized. The performances and speeches were inspirational. Out of all the speakers I think that Chris Hadfield inspired me the most because of his experiences and stories.”
~Huda S.

“On October 26th was We Day and I was lucky enough to be one of the people that got to go. It was quite the experience. The speakers there were amazingly impactful and the performers there were even better. The people speaking such as Spencer West did bring some new information to my mind, and it was definitely the good kind. I learned exactly what people all around the world go through, such as the Mothers in Kenya that make bracelets to let their kids go to school. This field trip most definitely impacted me and made me see differently.”
~Reem O.