We went to We Day Alberta, on October 27th.  It was an inspiring and eye-opening experience for the students that went.  They earned their ticket back in Grade 3 when they raised money to build wells in India.

The following  are the We Day experience of students.

“Today I learned about inspired people who thought to make a little change and their little change turned out to be a very big difference. Three inspirational sentences I learned today are: We are powerful! We are a movement! We change the world!

My favourite part was when we danced the We Day dance.”


“We Day was very inspiring and the purpose of this is to inspire us, human beings. Even just a little change, could be a big difference. If you remember this, I promise you you’re going to be successful in anything. We are powerful! We are a movement and together we can change the world!”


“We Day showed me that the world is still not perfect. Many kids in other countries can’t go to school, get enough food to properly sustain them throughout the day, or even have clean drinking water from the tap. However if we work together, WE can make sure that these problems are solved.”


“My We Day experience was great because they inspired me to do something that I thought was impossible. In the future, I want to make sure that all the countries have clean water and food. It is a right to be able to enjoy the water and food like others. Everyone should be allowed to go to school and learn. We need jobs and without education we cannot get jobs. Without job we can get money and we need money to buy food for family.”


“I had a lot of fun at We Day. I learned that Canada’s new generation care a lot about helping people in need. I am happy to hear this. I learned the motto for We Day is turned me to we. Before going to We Day,  I thought that the world is a terrible place to live, but now I realized, it’s not.”


“Going to We Day was a great honour. I had a great time and I’m grateful for having clean water, a roof over my head and a great school. What I learned at We Day was when you dream it, you can achieve it.”


“Today, I went to We Day and learned a lot of stuff. One thing I learned is that we are powerful, we are a movement and we can create change. We Day was all about coming together to make a change in this world!”


“I earned my We Day ticket by fundraising money for clean water for India in Grade 3. My favourite part was when the Band Perry when up and performed also when the volunteer taught us the We Day dance. I was really lucky to be one of the 20 students from Almadina to go to WE Day. I really wish I could go again.”


“I will now believe in myself.  I will trust that I can do it.  I will be collaborative.”