One never knows when the heart strings will be pulled at Almadina. We have seen such kindness in all forms at our school.

Just this morning, a teacher saw the surprised look on grade 8 students faces when one opened her locker and found a sparkling birthday day festival happening inside. Between the sparkles and the gifts, there were birthday notes stuck to her locker door. This is the type of happiness and kindness we have in our school.

When our students leave or arrive in the morning, it wouldn’t be uncommon for anyone to hear the sweet words of “Good morning!” or “Have a nice day!” for any staff member who would be stationed in the hallways welcoming the students. Better still, we hear the cheery voices respond with “Good morning!” or “How’s your day?” from the students.

If something goes sideways, we teachers have witnessed their friends gather around and search for the missing item, share a treat, or even, review together before a test.

It is small random acts of kindness like this that makes Almadina so unique. Hooray for Almadina!

Mrs. Grant-Suttie