Terry Fox Wrap Up Assembly:

On Thursday, October 12, 2017 we had our Annual Terry Fox Run Wrap Up. As a school we raised $2349.70 for the Terry Fox Fund. Mr. Zaidi`s grade 4 class raised the most money with a total of $317.25 and will be getting a free gym period. Great Job! Aliyiah T. in Ms. Vickers class won our Terry Fox t-shirt and Adam (who also is in Ms. Vickers class) will be Principal for a Day later this month. Special thanks to: Mr. Goodman, Ms. Kadri, Mrs. Chambers and Ms. Mawji. These teachers were all pied by the following students: Ali in Mrs. Hasni`s grade 3 class, Ibrahim in Mrs. Bhaidani`s grade 2 class, Muhammad G. in Ms. Hess’ room and Arash in the Red room. It was a wonderful Assembly and fun was had by everyone. GREAT JOB Mountain View!

Terry Fox Run:

“The Terry Fox Run is an annual Canada wide event (actually hundreds of locally organized events) that help to raise money and awareness for cancer research.” The purpose of this run is to inform Canadians of the importance of finding a cure for cancer. This year, at Almadina, we had our Terry Fox Run on Friday, September 29, 2017. This event was a huge success as both students and teachers were eager to run for this cause! Have a look at the pictures from the run to see the energy and dedication of our school community!