Almadina started its school year with the virtue of conscience. Through our school focused literature, A Bike Like Sergio’s, the students explored the message of making the right choices. The students put their good conscience choices into action by helping others in their community. Throughout October, students participated in the “We Scare Hunger” food drive by donating food items to the Calgary Food Bank. In recognition of the Indigenous children who were treated unconscionably in Canada’s residential schools, Almadina students and staff participated in Orange Shirt Day on October 1. Collectively we continue to recognize that all children must be treated with dignity and respect now, and into future generations. By wearing orange shirts, students and staff showed their heartfelt conscience that Every Child Matters. On October 23, students, staff and parents attended the school conscience assembly. The grade three and four Virtue Stars launched the assembly with an encouraging conscience chant to captivate the audience. Following our land acknowledgment, Mrs. Haziri’s class shared a remarkable acrostic poem about conscience. After Mrs. Dassouki’s and Mrs. Aftab’s classes amazed the audience with the catchy song “I Like Me.” Later Mrs. Palanca’s class performed an incredible conscience skit called The Honest Woodcutter. At last Mrs. Muenchrath’s and Mrs. Haziri’s classes engaged the audience with the song “We All Show Good Conscience” that turned into an interactive sing along with impressive drum playing. Finally the conscience coupon virtue winners were announced. It was a memorable assembly. A special thanks to all the students, staff, parents and the Acceptance Committee for making our Almadina school conscience events and assembly a proud achievement!