Schools must institute controls to promote physical distancing between all attendees in areas in and outside of the classroom, including hallways, washrooms, and common areas
Almadina will be taking the following measures to comply with Risk mitigation for high traffic areas in school facilities guideline: 

  • Mandatory masking- Students in Grade 4 and up and all staff members must wear masks throughout all common areas and where social distancing is not possible, such as hallways, washrooms, and common areas and classrooms. Younger students will be encouraged to wear a mask.
  • Removing and restaging seating in public areas to prevent gathering
  • Limiting bathroom occupancy and discouraging restroom use during transition times..
  • Scheduled restroom breaks to avoid overcrowding
  • Eliminate school wide activities and assemblies that combine classes or grade levels. The Remembrance Day will be an online event.
  • In locations where students line up, place social distancing decals on the floor to indicate appropriate social distancing
  • Make alternate plans for whole staff gatherings, these will be held outside for staff meetings. 
  • Support staff have been assigned to actively monitor high traffic areas to enforce physical distancing, hand hygiene and no-gathering instructions.