Communication is key!

Dear parents,

You have just received interim report cards. At this point, you should be contacting your child’s teacher to follow up with concerns. This will provide you with the time necessary to support your child and make an impact for the second formal report card.

You can communicate with your child’s teacher through the agenda, through email or over the phone during non-instructional time. The daily schedule is in your child’s agenda, so you can see when your child’s teacher is available. As well, you can schedule a time from 3:00-4:00 to review work and see the teacher in person.

All grade teams have been asked to clarify homework expectations with parents. You should have received  a “Homework Guidelines” information sheet from your child’s teacher. This should help you understand what the purpose of homework is and how much of it your child can expect. Please follow up by ensuring that you sign the agenda and let the teacher know if you have any questions.

Parents are valued partners in our school. Please look at the school website for information on the Accountability Pillar. This is an important survey that helps the school address the needs of the stakeholders. Check the school website for more details.

Speaking of concerns, if at any time you have concerns, you should follow communication guidelines. This means contacting your child’s teacher first. If you feel the issue has not been addressed, you should formally write an email to your child’s teacher and express the concern, proposed solution and a possible timeline for change. If that does not address the issue, you should request an appointment with the school administration and the teacher to follow up. The administration consider themselves to be supports to parents and teachers. We can often assist in the problem solving process. Again, the first place to start the solutions oriented process is the classroom teacher.

As in every situation, communication is key!

Warm regards,

Shakila Raja