On February 26th, Almadina celebrated Pink Shirt Day!

This day is very important for our students and many other people around the world. On Pink Shirt Day, we raise awareness around bullying and the ways that every student can help in making our world a safe and welcoming environment.

Bullying is a serious issue around the world that negatively impacts everyone. Bullying can have a large impact on an individual’s mental and physical health. By raising awareness, we can begin to stand up to bullying and create a more positive and healthy world.

Our students did an excellent job of showing empathy and acceptance for all of those around us. Our school was treated to three excellent performances from students at both the Mountain View and Ogden Campuses. These performances were impactful for all those in attendance and helped to further the discussion around bullying.

The day was a great success and helped us all to understand that we each play an important part in putting an end to bullying!