Visitors and volunteers are required to wear masks in all school settings, any meetings are by appointment only

  • Visitor log: keep accurate records of any person other than students and staff entering the building, their reason for entering, and the locations they have accessed in the building . Any approved visitor must complete self-screening and provide follow up contact information
  • Volunteers are not allowed in school till further notice
  • Restrict vendor access to the school to times when students are not present.
  • Restrict the number of people in the school building who are not students or staff to a minimal number and ensure that someone is assigned to enforce the rules. 
  • Parents and other visitors will not be permitted to enter the building unless we have a predetermined and preapproved appointment. Parents must make appointments with administration to address concerns over the phone or via email. Only urgent items will involve an appointment with school personnel. 
  • Delivery drivers, contractors, other service providers, etc… must complete a pre-screening COVID-19 Assessment prior to their entry to the building. 
  • When a school visit is essential, the school must screen visitors using the screening table before they enter the school. If a visitor answers YES to any of the questions, the individual must not be admitted into the school. In the case of a delivery driver answering YES, the driver/school will make alternate delivery arrangements. The office manager can pick up delivery items at the door.
  • All service personnel will be subject to a thermometer check and must wear a mask to enter the premises.
  • Pre-service students will be considered as authorized by campus administration