Visual Journals

Visual Journal (VJ) Lesson Plan/Activity Description

Edited by R.A. Neely and K. Wong

As an Alberta Initiative for School Improvement (AISI) Project in the second year of cycle 2, Almadina adopted the use of visual journals. The visual journals allow students expanded opportunities to show their learning across the curriculum. Teachers have developed guidelines for their use, and utilize a shared understanding of essential outcomes from the Alberta Program of Studies. Student assessment, in turn is connected in a meaningful way with curriculum outcomes.

The visual journals integrate language and art to help showcase student understanding of the content they are learning in various subjects. Various media and techniques are introduced and used (ink, watercolor, pastel, paper, charcoal/chalk, collage, print making, cartooning etc.) as a part of the art techniques in the journal.

Assessment of Outcomes

The assessment for learning can include designing rubrics with student input. The designed rubric can be used for peer and/or self assessment.

These journals also follow the child throughout their education at Almadina.They act as a running record that tracks each child’s learning and language development.

Have a look at various visual journals that have been created at our school.

Visual Journal (VJ) Exemplar – Student Example