ALCA Charter Mandate

Almadina Language Charter Academy (ALCA) operates as a charter school with a unique emphasis on English language acquisition.  This charter was granted in 1996 by the Alberta Minister of Education and is mandated to deliver the Alberta Program of Studies (ECS – Grade 9) with English language acquisition as a major outcome.

pdf-file – 2013-2028 Almadina Language Charter Academy Agreement

 A charter school is a tuition-free public school that provides choice in education.  Alberta Education legally established charters in Alberta in 1994, thereby making Alberta the first Canadian province to offer charter schools.  In total, there are 13 charter schools operating in Alberta.  Each charter school has a unique learnng enhancement option and innovations.  There are 6 charter schools in Calgary including Almadina Language Charter Academy:
  1. Almadina Language Charter Academy (English as a second language)
  2. Calgary Arts Academy (arts immersion curriculum)
  3. Calgary Girls’ School (an all-girls and all-for-girls grades 4-9 learning environment)
  4. Connect Charter School (inquiry-based, technology-rich program)
  5. Foundations for the Future Charter Academy (academic excellence and character development)
  6. Westmount Charter School (gifted education)

As a charter school, Almadina School Society welcomes and encourages members of the general public to join the Society as an Associate Member.  An Associate Member shall be any person other than Parents or Legal Guardians of students enrolled in the Charter School, Staff Member or any person employed/contracted by the Society and must be at least 18 years of age (Article 4.1.2).  To become an Associate Member of Almadina School Society, please complete the following and submit to the Almadina School Society Office.

pdf-file – Society Membership Form

For further information on Alberta Charter Schools, please visit The Association of Alberta Public Charter Schools’ website.