This is a short term temporary online arrangement due to the unique concerns some parents have expressed with the ongoing pandemic. This will involve up to 6 hours of online mandated instruction and approximately 3 hours of daily independent work. Parents who choose thAn online learning option will be available for parents who commit to a partnership that requires a high level of parental support and supervision. online learning option will need to be committed until January 2021.  It is a short temporary arrangement that will be reviewed by both parents and the school.  Online learning grade groupings will be arranged once there are sufficient students to establish this grouping.

  • Parent Communication and Student Connection will be supported -Clear instructions and expectations will be shared with parents including attendance and participation.  Parents will be expected to follow up with their children on a daily basis.
  • Access to Instructional Resources will be facilitated – The school will provide technology devices, digital and paper instructional resources to parents to support student learning.

Parents must inform the school prior to August 26, 2020 if they are going to commit to online learning until January 2021.