For this blog post, students from Ms. Hutchinson’s class blogged about their experiences. Here are a few of the students’ blog posts:

By: Rayan J.
At Almadina, the grade 4’s in Ms. Hutchinson’s class went to a place called Shepard Landfill, on November 2nd to learn about compost, recycling and waste. The students got a chance to take a tour around the landfill and have a look at how compost and wastes are recycled and decomposed. They also saw a lot of garbage! Then they met Michelle who was their leader throughout the field trip. Michelle led them inside the Compost Facility where the students learned about what they do inside it and how it helped the whole world. When they went inside they were supposed to be sneaky because they weren’t suppose to be there at that day. They went upstairs and sat in a circle. during that time Michelle received a message which said she had to train and they had to leave. But actually they could stay and only if they were clever, resourceful, imaginative and brave. So they began training and soon became level 2 top secret agents.

It was certainly nice to get outside and enjoy the fresh air because the landfill wasn’t even smelly! They all had so much fun during the trip! Especially, thank you to all the parents who volunteered to help make this field trip possible! They all look forward to their next awesome field trip.

By: Filzah I.
On November 2, 2017 Ms.Hutchinson’s grade 4 class went to the Landfill of Calgary. They first went to the Compost Facility and settled in a huge classroom. There was a very big window where you could see many wood chips and a rainfall of compost. All the compost was crunched up and smashed. On the field trip they got to be SECRET AGENTS! In order to be secret agents they had to be clever, resourceful, brave and imaginative. They were not supposed to be at the Landfill today so they had to sneak around in the Compost Facility trying not to be seen. They started off being level 1 SECRET AGENTS because we were enjoying a video and then a volunteer brought a paper to our director Michelle. It was like our class would have went back to school! But then Michelle let us stay. The students also did an activity where they had to sort garbage to its proper place. They sorted them to the Throw and go, garbage, green bin, electronic recycle and recycling.

After lunch students got driven around the Sheperd Landfill on a bus tour. Everyone almost saw a hot tub get crammed by the compactor! The compactor job was to smash all the garbage in the Landfill. On the bus Michelle handed us a black cloth bag and we did an activity which helped us understand the parts of a landfill. One partner wore a glove with a raindrop sitting on it. Next, they placed a light layer of brown fabric and then a darker layer of brown. We put a black cloth of fabric on top of the others, we put some garbage on and the other partner finally wore another glove that had two buttons acting like leak pipes. They accomplished being level 2 SECRET AGENTS at the end of the field trip and read an oath. We never could have done it without our wonderful volunteers! Without them this field trip couldn’t have been possible!