By Afsha S. from 4H
Grades four and threes at Mountain View had the Micro:Bit workshop. In this workshop they studied the different strategies of coding with tiny little computers. They used a lot of their knowledge and actually also got to make characters such as someone doing “The Floss”, they made a flashing heart and even coded in music. But the main purpose of a Micro:Bit worksop is to teach kids how to code and have fun doing it and when they grow up they need the knowledge of coding to open opportunities in the future. Thank you to the staff involved in making these workshops happen!

By Ayesh from 4H
This term, grades three and four students had their Micro:bit workshops. In this workshop, they learned how to code Micro:bits on the school Chromebooks and then download the code onto the micro bits. They had this field trip because this field trip is fun and educational at the same time. They learnt how to code and if they want to build a robot when they grow up these skills would come in handy. Even if they want to code Micro:bits as an adult or as a kid they would know how to code them on their own and they could even teach other people how to code. These skills might even come in handy if they want to know how to code and program other spectacular robots in the world! They could even make and code their own unique robots that can help them or other people with tasks that they find hard to do! Thank you to all teachers for organizing this fun and educational field trip for the grade threes and fours and a special thanks to Kids Code Jeunesse!