• Staff will collaborate and review supportive conversations for dialoguing with students as they return to school, acknowledge experiences and focus on actions and thinking to move forward
  • Students will be staggered for the first two weeks to ensure relationship building is prioritized
  • Establishing routines is important to provide security and comfort for students
  • Wellness Empowerment Program staff and school counselors are available to support teachers in establishing a positive caring environment
  • C.I.R.T. staff members will provide additional support, in consultation with the principals
  • Almadina is continuing to pursue collaborative partnerships through additional government funding available at:https://www.alberta.ca/mental-health-and-addiction-covid-19-community-funding-grant.aspx
  • Other resources:
    Help in tough times:
    Helping children cope with changes resulting from COVID-19:
    Mental Health Helpline
    : 1-877-303-2642. Toll free line provides confidential and anonymous services, crisis intervention, information about mental health services and referrals to other agencies.