By Eishal B. from 4H

We had a special event on December at mountain view campus. We had this special event so we could learn about technology like robotics we also learned coding. Coding is basically using blocks and making your robot be able to do certain movements or commands. Did you know that some robots actually deliver food items to people and some robots help with surgery along doctors side? It’s happening now in real life!

You won’t believe we built a robot with Lego and we obviously could not just build an imaginary robot we used instructions and followed steps. Afterwards we also got to go online and learn coding. For a challenge we had to code our robot to touch the wall and then come back, it was a bit of a challenge! We did this so in the future when we get a job and it’s an emergency like you need to build a code and then you will know what to do but if you don’t know than that will be a problem. We also did this so we could have a unique experience and especially have fun. People were soooo excited when we got to build a robot it was so much fun and a little bit of work but mostly fun. Thank you Ms Raja, Mr T and Ms. Judy of Bricks4Kids and all the teachers in grade threes and grade fours for planning this experience. Thank You!

By Tabriz D. from 4H
In December the grade threes and fours at Mountain View Campus had the EV3 Lego Mindstorms Robotics workshops. They went on a fantastic journey through coding motors where you can build Lego on the outside of the motor. They learned that if you add a sensor which uses ultrasonic sound that humans can’t hear but, only the robots can hear and they learned how to build Lego! Like other robots like the one Ms. Judy showed us the surgery robot helps us with surgeries to cut bodies and it uses half human and half robot. They had a mind storming time! We couldn’t do it without Ms. Raja and the grade four and three teachers and the EV3 Mindstorms Robotics program!