This year, the Grade 9’s worked very hard on putting together a newscast assignment to broadcast the news. This required commitment, diligence and much effort from the students to take on the initiative and responsibility to meet with their group members and create a plan to project their news. They met for weeks compiling information about news topics and events to film and present.
I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the exemplary instruction, modelling and support students received from Mrs. Lee, our Education Technology Learning Coach. She researched and familiarized herself with WEVideo, the site students used to compile and edit their segments, and created a detailed template of “How to’s” for students along with troubleshooting strategies. The success of these projects would not have been achieved if it wasn’t for Mrs. Lee’s attention to detail, meetings and availability to help and assist students. Her love for teaching and supporting students is definitely reflected in the work she does. Mrs. Lee even trained two great EA’s, Mr.Bawang and and Mrs. Moghrabi, who helped during the filming process. This long process which required much attention to deadlines and fine detail would not have been achieved if it wasn’t for all of you! Thank you Mrs. Lee for helping to make this such a great success!
Here is one Newscast assignment from 9 Sheronick.