Written by Filzah I. and Hedaya R., Grade 4 Students

On January 22nd, the grade 4’s from both Mountain View and Ogden went to Winsport for snowboarding/skiing and they experienced a brand new sport! They arrived in the morning and got all their gear on to get on the snow. They all were sorted into groups of five or six kids and they also had their instructors guide them for their NEW experience on the snow. They went to the hill after getting settled in and began a new day. Their day was just getting started but they were already having so much fun learning how to ski or snowboard.

First, the snowboarders learned to ride with the left foot so we can move to places with the right foot, it was really hard. Then we started to snowboard with both of our feet it was quite easy. We snowboarded down the hill and had to bend our knees. Snowboarding was a little hard because your feet are together and you can not walk or move easily. When you ski your feet are separated and you can move around easily.

After lunch, the students continued their sporty day at Winsport! They experienced a harder pace after their break because that’s where the fun was supposed to lead to! They did their activities until home time and then went back to school.

The grade 4s had a lot of fun at Winsport and they look forward to their next AWESOME ADVENTURE!