Grade 4 students at Mountain View have been busy helping our school and environment by running our drink container recycling program!

Each day at lunch recess, volunteer grade 4 students make their rounds to each classroom to collect drink containers. They then work as a team to empty, clean and count the containers. It’s hard, often sticky work, but very rewarding!

In leading this recycling program at Mountain View, grade 4s are teaching others about recycling and ensuring these materials do not end up in the landfill. According to Nashra and her group in 4H, “The containers that go in the landfill just stay there because the decomposers can’t breathe or drink fresh water. Drink containers would just stay there forever and forever.”

Instead of sending them to a landfill, we return them to the recycling depot and then they can be made into new things. For example, Zayed and his group discovered that “All the bottles that get recycled will turn into new items. It is like if you recycle a pop bottle, it can be turned into a new pop bottle. And that’s the same process as juice boxes, containers and drinking pouches can be turned into car parts, cardboard, plastic buckets and clothes.”

Since starting this program in February, grade 4 students have kept around 4457 containers from going into the landfills! This is an excellent start, but remember, try to reduce your wastes and reuse materials first, then recycle them!

Keep calm and reduce, reuse and recycle on!