Curriculum Support

To support your child’s learning at home, the following table offers resources such as:

  • Long Range Plans developed by your child’s grade level teacher to show what your child is learning in each subject and when
  • Alberta Education Curriculum Express provide grade-at­-a-glance overviews of what students are expected to learn
  • Student Learning Assessment (grade 3) and Provincial Achievement Test (grades 6 and 9) support
Curriculum Express PAT Overview Student Learning Assessments (SLA)

Curriculum Express for Parents was written for parents who are English language learners. The document provides a short explanation of school and what students learn in Kindergarten to Grade 3. The series will be extended from Grade 4 to senior high near future.

Click here to see the Curriculum Express

Grade Long Range Plans
ECS ECS Team Plan
Grade 1 Grade 1 Team Plan
Grade 2 Ms. Hazzard Mrs. Moores Mrs. Bhaidani and Ms. Khan
Grade 3 Grade 3 Team Plan
Grade 4 (Mountain View)
Grades K to 4 (Mountain View) Physical Education Mr. Cooper
Grade 4 (Ogden)
Grade 5 Grade 5 Team Plan
Grade 6 Grade 6 Team Plan
Grade 7 Grade 7 Team Plan
Grade 8 Grade 8 Team Plan
Grade 9 Grade 9 Team Plan