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Motivating Your Child to be Excited About Learning

Most of you might be saying that I have a motivated child who loves to learn and enjoys school but that is not the case for all children.  For children that are struggling at school whether it is academically or socially school might not be a place that they want to be.  What can you do as a parent to help with this?  Please take the time to read theses 10 things that scholastic suggests that you can do to motivate your child to increase their thirst for learning.

Perhaps you might want to read this article by Parents magazine on 6 Ways to Motivate Your Kids

A motivated child is likely to:

  • Choose tasks that are challenging.
  • Begin tasks without having to be prodded.
  • Show serious effort and concentration.
  • Have a positive attitude toward learning and schoolwork.
  • Use coping strategies to get through the rough times
  • Stick with tasks until successful completion.

If you are unsure how to motivate your child please contact me at either school or through my email.  I would be happy to have a conversation with you about how to work with your child.