Our Empathy Assembly took place on April 17th, 2019. The school-wide literature we focused on was I Am Human (A Book of Empathy) by Susan Verdes. After reading this book, students co-created gardens to show that we are growing our school garden of empathy altogether. We are growing empathy for ourselves as we change our feelings throughout the day AND we can watch other people`s faces for clues about how they are feeling. This enables us to show empathy for others much better when we can read faces for feelings! Our wonderful Empathy MCs and Tech Team did amazing too! Thank you to the classes for performing and hosting this Virtue Assembly: Mrs. Rollins ECS class, Ms. Milanova`s Grade One`s, Ms.Hazzard`s Grade Two`s, Ms. Hasni`s and Mrs. Haziri`s Grade Three`s, Ms. Hutchinson`s Grade 4`s, and Ms. Mahmood`s Urdu class.