On June 23rd, 2020 ECS students took part in a Virtual Graduation Ceremony with their respected classes to celebrate and acknowledge their growth, accomplishments and resilience throughout the year. Highlights of the Yellow and Red Room ceremonies included the presentation of a farewell poem, Kindergarten diplomas and a picture slideshow of classroom memories collected during the school year. It has been a splendid year spent with these students, despite our time together being cut short in March. Mrs. Rollins and Ms. Hazzard are incredibly proud of everyone’s wonderful work, dedication and perseverance throughout the year. We all learned to be grateful for the personal connection and relationships we built within the school. We will cherish being together in the school again when the time is right. Pete the Cat taught us that when things don’t go our way, just put on your magical sunglasses and remember everything is alright! We can see things a different way, if we try. Such an achievement would have not been made possible without the amazing support of our dedicated families. Thank you to all the parents who have exceeded our expectations in going the extra mile to nurture and educate our students to the best of their ability, even under exceptional circumstances. Congratulations to the ECS Class of 2020!!!