This past Wednesday afternoon, forty-­four Almadina Panthers participate in their first Cross Country meet this year, held at Foundations for the Future ­ South Middle School Campus.  It was a beautiful, cloudless and perfect fall day for the event.  Our runners all ran to the best of their abilities and had an overall positive experience.

Almadina Panthers captured some top 10 finishes.  Here are those results:

  • Jana M. ­ 10th place in Grade 4
  • Firoomsa T. ­ 8th place in Grade 6
  • Hamzah B. ­ 2nd place in Grade 7
  • Jad J. ­ 7th place in Grade 8

Other participants: Abeera I., Ali A., Ali T., Asmaa A., Bilal F., Harith O., Hassan A., Hussein E., Ibrahim B., Iya T., Khaled B., Layan I., Maryam A., Masooma F., Mikat A., Saif A., Talha C., Wali K., Zayd C., Hassan E., Mohamad B., Fareha Q., Hira T., Ahmed Ai., Ahmed I., Anas A., Aniqa A., Bassam K., Fatima A., Hazem H., Hisham S., Mahasen M., Montather A., Omar A., Tuqa A., Yamen I., Walid A., Ans S., Ayatt M., Syed M.

The Almadina Panthers will participate in the Cross Country finals on Wednesday, October 7th at Canmore Park in Calgary, AB.