Although the majority of our Physical Education classes will be taking place outside, gymnasiums are open for use and may be used to deliver physical education programming as needed, for example during extreme weather conditions. 
Instructional tasks should follow the guidelines contained in:

  • The gymnasium may also be utilized for instruction other than PE. It may be divided into two classrooms as needed. Those classes will be separated by a heavy duty partition. 
  • If the gym is used, doors will be opened to increase air flow
  • Any physical gym activities will not involve shared gym equipment
  • There may be a shorter gym class or rotated with outside and inside activities to make smaller groupings
  • The stage space will also be utilized as well while also maintaining the physical distancing guidelines as much as possible 
  • Use of shared items or sports equipment should be discouraged. Equipment that must be shared should be cleaned and disinfected before and after each use, or users should perform hand hygiene before and after each use. 
  • School assemblies or other large gatherings (e.g., concerts or dances) must be avoided and virtual options can be offered for events like Remembrance Day.