A cohort is defined as a group of students and staff who remain together. The size of the cohort will depend on the physical space of the classroom or learning setting.

Almadina will be taking the following measures to comply with the cohorting guidelines: 

  • Reducing students’ transitions between classes. Teachers will be the ones transitioning not the students unless deemed necessary. 
  • PE classes:- the majority of instructions and activities will be taking place outside of the school. Larger groups will be broken down to smaller groups and assigned to different rooms to ensure physical distancing is maintained
  • If two or more people from different cohorts are required to come within 2 metres of one another for the purposes of instruction, practice or undertaking examinations, additional protections will be instituted.  “These may include engineering controls (such as plexiglas barriers or partitions), administrative controls (adapting the activity to minimize or eliminate close contacts) or use of Personal Protective Equipment (masks, face shields or gloves.)
  • Students will not have locker access. They will need to take their backpacks to class with them. All lockers will be locked at all times.
  • Where physical distancing is not possible, such as recesses and fire drills, students must remain with their cohort at all times. The school field may be sectioned per cohort as much as possible for rapid contact tracing/tracking purposes. 
  • Student desks will be arranged in rows. No group work will take place in a classroom setting
  • All student cohorts in Grade 4 and up will wear a mask as mandated by A.H.S. Younger student cohorts are encouraged to wear masks.
  • Fundraising activities are postponed for the foreseeable future
    • Grade 4 recycling program will be postponed
  • Off site field trips are postponed for the foreseeable future
  • Learning experiences including external agencies (Teacher’s Pet etc) are postponed for the foreseeable future
  • Learning tasks involving singing, choral reading etc. can only occur if they are done outside