Build a Birdhouse Field Trip
During March and April the grade 3s had a science build a birdhouse field trip for our building unit. The parent volunteers, the instructor from Teacher’s PET Ms.Patty, and the grade 3 teachers all helped with the field trip. We used wooden shapes for our materials. The shapes were 4 squares, a small rectangle, and 2 pentagons. First we practiced making our house. Then we used glue to attach the pieces. We made the shapes flush. The meaning of flush is when things are correctly in place,and the edges must be the same length. In between we played a fun bird game. After we warmed up a stretchy rubber band. Next we attached the rubber band to keep the bird house together. At last we started painting our bird houses with really thick paint brushes. Finally we let our birdhouse set. It was a great field trip! Thank you to all parent volunteers for coming out!
By : Noor M., Grade 3