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I am a web developer, and the creator of Almadina Language Charter Academy's site. I now do weekly updates and maintain the site.

ECS Virtual Graduation 2020

On June 23rd, 2020 ECS students took part in a Virtual Graduation Ceremony with their respected classes to celebrate and acknowledge their growth, accomplishments and resilience throughout the year. Highlights of the Yellow and Red Room ceremonies included the presentation of a farewell poem, Kindergarten diplomas and a picture slideshow of classroom memories collected during

Farewell Tribute

These last few months have not been what any of us planned for. They have challenged us and offered us new opportunities every single day. It is amazing to see that we have come so far and how each day has been a wonderful learning experience for us all. As we come to the end

Grade 9 Newscast Assignments

This year, the Grade 9's worked very hard on putting together a newscast assignment to broadcast the news. This required commitment, diligence and much effort from the students to take on the initiative and responsibility to meet with their group members and create a plan to project their news. They met for weeks compiling information

Pink Shirt Day – Mountain View

On February 26th, Almadina celebrated Pink Shirt Day! This day is very important for our students and many other people around the world. On Pink Shirt Day, we raise awareness around bullying and the ways that every student can help in making our world a safe and welcoming environment. Bullying is a serious issue around

Pink Shirt Day

On February 26, 2020, the Almadina Ogden campus had a Pink Shirt Day assembly where the importance of being accepting and kind was emphasized. Some people don't even realize that what they are doing to others is bullying, and don't consider the consequences of their actions. However, if we all stray away from being bystanders

Celebrating 100 Days

February saw us hit 100 days of school - a huge achievement for our Grade 1 learners! Our Grade 1 students celebrated by making 100 Days glasses, posters, and hats. They have learned so much, and, as teachers, we have learned so much from them. Here’s to another awesome 100 days of teaching and learning.

Grade 4’s Skating & Tubing Trip

On February 12th, the grade 4s at Mountain View had a special opportunity to attend skating lessons and go tubing at Winsport! For tubing, they hauled giant, inflatable tubes up a magic carpet and then rode them down the hill! At first, some were a bit fearful of the big hill, but upon hearing the