During the months of November and December, Almadina School focused on the Virtue of Acceptance. Our school themed acceptance literature was “We Are All Wonders” by R.J. Palacio. Influenced by the book’s endearing character Auggie, Almadina School practised acceptance by showing acts of kindness at school and in our local community. Our school continued to initiate awareness and support for the Cerebral Palsy Association. Students also created special holiday cards to share with our community neighbours. In addition, the grade three and grade four virtue stars visited with the local Senior’s Center to perform “Frosty the Snowman” and share holiday cards. See details of visit on Mrs. Haziri’s Virtue Stars blog post.

On December 20, students, staff and parents attended our school Acceptance assembly. The grade three and four Virtue stars introduced our assembly with an encouraging Acceptance chant to charm the audience. Soon after, Mrs. Moore’s and Ms. Vickers’ classes captivated the audience with the catchy tune “The More We Get Together”. Then Mrs. Dhanaraj’s and Mrs. Moore’s classes amazed the crowd with the popular song “Count on Me”. After Mr. Goodman’s grade four students shared a video of their heartfelt play called “Our Four Seasons” based on Glenda Bird’s Cree story. Their play portrayed the valuable message of showing acceptance to others who are enduring hardship and adversity. Next Ms. Khandani’s class wowed the audience with their unique song about welcoming others in diverse languages called “What Does the School Say?” At last Mrs. Moore’s and Ms. Vickers’ students shared their inspirational acceptance video of “We Are All Wonders” which featured story mapping and an adorable ozobot as Auggie. Finally the Acceptance coupon virtue winners were announced. It was an extraordinary assembly!

A very special thank you to our Almadina staff, students and parents for making our Almadina community events and assembly a huge success! We look forward to our next school virtue of Respect!