Mr. Ammar Mahdi, BOARD CHAIR

Mr. Ammar Mahdi is originally from Yemen. He has been in Canada for 16 years. He is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Petroleum Engineering with Heriot-Watt University in UK. He Graduated in 2005 with Bachelors Degree of Petroleum Engineering Technology from SAIT Polytechnic. He has 10 years of Canadian and international experience working as a Petroleum Engineering Specialist for companies like Statoil Canada Ltd., Nexen Inc. and Mindset Technologies. He worked for over one year as a Resettlement Counselor with CCIS.

Mr. Madhi is currently working as a casual Language Interpreter with Calgary Board of Education. He is also a past member of the Almadina Language Charter Academy, School Council. Mr. Mahdi volunteers for the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC) as a Community Engagement Lead, Calgary Chapter. He has also volunteered with MAC as a Youth Mentor. He is a proud father of 5 kids.  In his spare time, he enjoys playing soccer, skiing and travelling.

Mr. Hassan ElKadri – Vice Chair

My wife Kamilia and I have 4 children and they are the most important part of our lives. I have lived in Calgary, AB for my whole life and love it here. I went to the University of Calgary and I am the current CEO of Liquids Matter Inc. an Analytical Laboratory company. I am a Scientist and a businessman.

My vision for the school is one that carries on what has been built so far; but also builds on it. I think we have a great school system, and it can be made better with a little effort. I am certainly for a high school, but against making a hasty decision that will negatively impact our children right before post-secondary. We need a good facility for our children to attend high school, so that we are setting them up for success. 


Originally from North Lebanon and I have been in Calgary, Canada, for 16 years! I own a painting and renovations company, and this is my full time job. During my days off, I enjoy spending time with the people I care about, whether that is virtually or in person. 

I believe that I can make an impact for Almadina Language Charter Academy. In the course of these hard times, finding many sounder and efficient ways to stay safe is very important. The improvement of Almadina is important and personal to me because I currently have four kids enrolled at Almadina. Three of which are currently in junior high and one in elementary. I will do the best I possibly can, to help inspire students and continue the journey of this school. I will focus on motivating the students, helping to expand Almadina, and try to expand Almadina to include a high school to serve the children. In my opinion, an Almadina high school would be critical to continuing Almadina’s learning legacy. 

Mr. Bassel Jarrah – CHAIR OF FINANCE 

Originally from Lebanon, from west Bekaa, I moved directly to Calgary in 1990 from Lebanon. My wife and I and have four children, two of which are currently attending Almadina Language Charter Academy. I am a public accountant who has directed and owned my own practice for fifteen years. In the past, I’ve held various positions in accounting, as well as in Oil and Gas as a Royalty and Tax Consultant. I hold a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics from the University Of Calgary, from which I graduated in 1998.I also have additional graduate work and classes in Managerial and Financial Accounting. I was initially elected to Almadina Language Charter Academy’s Board of Directors in 2012 and enjoyed the contributions for the best and for the success of this institution.


Mr. Riad Abeid- CHAIR OF IT 

Accomplished IT professional with 25 years of experience. He holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science, along with vast experience in managing resources, large scale projects, departments and companies.

Riad is equipped with high communication skills that allow him to deal with the public and people at all levels. He has a solid track record of consistently exceeding corporate goals through strategic planning, dedication, technical knowledge, and management skills. He is working for international organizations for several years; he is always well recognized for his high reputation and exceptional skills from all his employers.


Mr. Khalil Desouki – CHAIR OF FACILITIES  

Originally from Lebanon and moved to Calgary, Alberta in 1990.  Mr. Desouki and his wife, Khwala, have 2 beautiful daughters, who are currently attending Almadina Language Charter Academy.  He is a self employed businessman and the owner of LRD Construction and Renovations.  He holds a City of Calgary license in Home Inspections and deals in many aspects of contracting.

My vision:  As a parent of two children who are attending Almadina School, I would like to see a brighter future for our children, and working together as a team, we can build even greater successes and provide the very best in education for our children and our communities.

Dr. Shahid Malik  – CHAIR OF IL

Working in the public sector for the past 11 years in a leadership role, I have the understanding on how to build a business case, to get much needed grants and the funding to upgrade school infrastructures and bring technologies in delivering education to our children. I have the skills and dedication to advocate on behalf of the parents.

As a parent of two sons going to Almadina Language Charter Academy, one in grade 3 and one in grade 2, I have a long time ahead to serve the school. I have been involved in several volunteer positions and charity work with the Muslim Council of Calgary, Muslim Association of Calgary, and River Cleaning activities. 

I hold a PhD degree in chemistry from Germany and have completed postdoctoral studies in the USA and Canada.  I have published 21 scientific papers in international journals throughout my academic and professional career. I have been living in Canada for past 18 years and currently work with the City of Calgary. As an Environmental Leader, I have won several prestigious awards including Leadership and Rising Star in my chosen, professional career.