Mr. Hassan ElKadri

Greetings Everyone

With a new school year upon us, I would like to welcome back all returning students and staff. I would alsolike to extend a warm welcome to the new families and staff joining Almadina family.

As a Board Chair of the new board sworn in on June 15 th and on behalf of the board trustees, I am excited to start a new journey and to be part of Almadina crew who are working diligently towards Almadina’s vision; “To strive to operate as Canada’s best Public Charter School by providing students whose second or third language is English with the opportunities to reach their full potential” . As we are getting ready for a new school year, I would like to take a moment and recognize the accomplishments of all students, staff and the former board trustees.

With a new norm due to the pandemic, we learnt how to be resilient, we explored new ways to maintain communication, we strived to have a strong mental health and we learnt how to have a “Can Do” attitude to help overcome all the challenges that the pandemic has brought upon us. As a result, we managed to have a successful year, where we had the option of in school learning as well as online learning.  With this mindset, I encourage everyone to have the same spirit and to continue the hard work this year too.

The previous board worked very hard to establish a good network with many political partners.  One of the board’s goals is to build on that work to get all the necessary support in order to secure a third campus and possibly start our very own high school. 

The board has kicked off this year with a great achievement where we have successfully reached a student to Chromebook ratio of 1:1 (we are one of few, if not the only charter school that provides chrome books to our student to promote the use of technology and to help families with baring the financial burden due to the pandemic).  The board will also work towards renovating Almadina campuses and adding new classes (we have secured five portable classrooms) which will help us in reducing the number of students on the waiting list and possibly add a new library and a science lab. The board has also completed a full review and updated all Board Policies.

The board is looking forward to working with Almadina society to live our vision, reach our goals, build trust with all Almadina stakeholders, and most importantly help our students to not only achieve educational excellence, but also acquire personal confidence, motivation and high self-esteem to be the leaders of tomorrow.


Mr. Hassan ElKadri