Wonderful Winsport
By: Huriye H. from 4H
On Friday, January 18, 2019 the grade fours at Mountain View went to C.O.P/Winsport. At Winsport we got into groups and our instructor taught us how to either ski or snowboard. It was challenging at first, but after a while we got better and better. First, we went to the rental shop and got our ski or snowboard boots and we got our skis or snowboards. After, we got our helmets and out we went. We had to start with one ski and we also had to go up a hill with the ski and dig the ski into the ground a tiny bit and move your other leg and after that we would see how far we can go without the poles.Also, we went on the bronze and silver carpets which was so much fun. We had this field trip to experience skiing and of course to have some fun! When we started I felt like jello because I would move side to side and I couldn’t even stand. Here is some advice: you are going to have so much FUN! Thank you to Ms.Rubin for volunteering and thank you to Ms. Hutchinson for organizing this field trip for us and of course thank you to the instructors at Winsport! Everyone had so much fun!

Wonderful Winter Winsport Field Trip
By: Eman A. from 4H
On Friday, January 18th, 2019 the grade fours had a field trip to Calgary Olympic Park/Winsport also known as C.O.P. We did skiing or snowboarding with a instructor. Our instructor took us to the rental shop to get our skis or snowboards. For skiers you will need poles and both skiers and snowboarders will need helmets. For skiers they will have different boots than snowboarders. When we were done we were put into groups. Our instructor took us outside and we started with one ski so we could get the hang of it After we tried skiing with two and we learned if we do the spilts he told us to go on our side and put our ski in the snow and pull yourself up. Afterwards we learned how to do the pizza and the pizza is when you are going down a hill you can make a pizza and you’ll stop. After we went inside to have lunch then we went back outside. We went on the bronze and golden magic carpet. The grade fours had a insane, confident, awesome, fantastic, and epic.Thank you for listening and thank you Ms. Hutchinson and the other grade four teachers for organizing this epic field trip.