The 2015 Terry Fox Run was a great success. We did our run on Wednesday, September 30th at about 2:00 with ECS arriving earlier to run a few laps without the huge crowd of Grade 1-3. Our goal this year was to raise $2000 and we easily reached that with a total just over $2600 thanks to some great work by our students.

Our Principal of the Day will be Lilyanna (from 3Chambers) and Rianna (from 1Lee). Both girls did a wonderful job of raising money for Terry Fox and helping their individual classes. Our winning class was 3Chambers which raised $633 and they will be receiving a free gym period to be spent as they wish. Our T-Shirt winner was Muhammad Hussnain Ullah from Mrs. Pollett’s Grade One class.Congratulations to everyone who won and thank you to all the great work done by or students. They sure can do their PART.