On December 7th, 2017, a rare event occurred at Mountain View Campus. In the final round of King’s Court Intramurals… the students beat the staff! For the first few rounds, Team 4 (the student team) had the lead. They had far more players than the staff! But then, the staff were warmed up, a few more staff members joined, and they won a few games to catch up to the students, creating a tie. It went back and forth for a number of rounds. After 12 rounds, the two teams were once again tied, at 6 – 6. In a quick round, the students defeated the staff, winning 7 – 6! Maybe it was our old ages, maybe it was the sheer number of students, but either way it was a rare occurrence, one the staff and students will not soon forget.

Thank you to the Sports Committee for organizing and leading lunch time intramurals. Thank you to the students who come out and give it their all each time. Congratulations to team 4! We’ll get you next time!