Self-Control Assembly
By: Filzah Iqbal 4H

Our Self-Control Assembly took place on Wednesday, May 23, 2018. The book we focused on was The Berenstain Bears Don’t Pollute Anymore, and this book taught us a lot about Self-Control! After reading this book, students created artwork that shared how we can use self-control to care for our world. Our wonderful Self-Control MCs did amazing too! Ms. Hasni grade 3 class and Ms. Pollets grade one class performed the song ‘’ All About Self-Control’’. They sure worked hard on that song and it also taught us a little more about Self-Control! Another class that worked extra hard was Mr. Zaidi’s grade 4 class. They performed two fantastic plays about ‘’The Little Monster’’ and the ‘’Talking Trees’’. They taught us not to litter in their performance! Mrs. Yasri’s class sang a song called ‘’Environment’’ and Ms. Hutchinson’s grade 4 class, Mrs. Haziri’s grade 3 class and Mrs. Monaco’s grade 3 class performed a wonderful song called ‘’The Goodbye Song’’!

Thank you, Self-Control team, for a great assembly!

The End of Year Assembly will be just as great as this one too!