Over the past three months, our Resident Artist Jeff Stockton has been directing storytelling workshops and rehearsals in preparation for our upcoming Storytelling Celebration on April 12. Mr. Stockton has been engaging students in warmups and activities that encourage stage presence and voice production, while helping students overcome their stage fright, or what he refers to as “the woosh.” Teachers have also been hosting storytelling sessions with multi-age groups to be presented at this celebratory performance. Students have all been working on a story to narrate in their own words, and are encouraged to practice for at least 10 minutes daily leading up to their performance. Mr. Stockton encourages this routine practice for all students as a means of “taking storytelling vitamins” in preparation for a live audience. All families are invited to attend our Storytelling Celebration on April 12, from 10:00 am to 11:45 am at Mountain View Campus. We look forward to seeing these amazing performances!