Empowering Writers

Empowering Writers is the writing program used at Almadina. It offers our students a structured way to create narrative and expository pieces.

Empowering Writers Introduction

Introduction by A. Bhaidani and C. Metz

We have chosen to showcase the ELL strategies used at our campuses, because ELL student learning is our school charter focus and priority for learning at Almadina. Many of the Empowering Writers Program exemplars are some of our best practices. Those shared have been used in our classrooms and have been learned through Professional Development opportunities and collaboration among our staff. These strategies assist our ELL learners to visually express themselves, practice repetitive academic language, and introduce higher-order thinking such as figurative language in their writing.

Empowering Writers is a writing program developed by Barbara Mariconda. This program includes resources for students and teachers. We have chosen Empowering Writers because it has allowed our ELL students to be successful in writing and on Provincial Achievement Tests. ELL students require focused support in order to gain English language proficiency. Empowering Writers provides learners with graphic organizers, posters and word lists which facilitates a deeper understanding of the written English language.

Please see our examples and the Empowering Writers website, www.empoweringwriters.com.