On Tuesday, September 24, 2019, each member of Almadina Ogden Campus wore an orange shirt. The purpose of this is to remember how sad and difficult it was for so many Indigenous children in Canada. We wanted to show how much we care about people who went to residential schools and their struggles.
We also wanted to show that we understand how unfair and cruel these residential schools were. We wanted everyone to know that we understand that “Every Child Matters” and that schools must be fair and equal for all children in Canada.
This included an in- class activity. The idea behind this activity was to have students learn and experience some of the events indigenous children experienced when they went to residential schools. They then had to reflect on how it felt and how it may have felt for indigenous children. To finalize the activity, each homeroom was given a piece of orange fabric with a tree printed on it and students had to add their finger print to create leaves on the trees. Mrs. Thaxter took those pieces from each homeroom and created a beautiful orange quilt they you can find at the from entrance of our school.