Students have been working on recognizing words that have the letters “ee” and words that have the letters “ea.” In an effort to encourage them to rainbow write their words, they had a chance to pick these words out of minion eggs. This went along well with our Minion Word of the Day Worksheets. Math Centers: Students practiced their math skills at a variety of different centers (skip counting by 5s with rainbows and greater than vs. less than with snowmen). We worked at different reading and writing centres. These centres were on short “a” and long “a” words. It has been difficult deciding if a word will have the short “a” sound or the long “a” sound. So, today, we worked with Magic E. We learned that for MOST words, Magic E asks the vowel to say its name. It was exciting to watch our grade one friends learn through these different centres. They worked really hard and showed lots of enthusiasm for these centres. I am so proud of all of their hard work and strong efforts! Happy 100th Day of School! Today, our Busy Bees started off the day by working on their Zero the Hero Number Worksheets! We talked about what Zero the Hero would look like if he was 100 years old! Then, we began creating our own Zero the Hero outfits. Students created 100th day masks using markers, crayons and stickers! We have started working on our capes but this is still a work in progress! First, our Busy Bees were presented with a fun challenge! They had to look for 100 words around the classroom. Currently, they are working on cutting out these words and placing them on their capes! Next, students learned about Dalmatians. They mixed black paint with white paint. Here, they learned that when you add black paint to white paint, the colour gets darker and when you add white paint to black paint, the colour gets lighter. I am so proud of all their hard work and congratulate them on having completed 100 days of grade 1. To My Grade 1 Students, Thank you for playing, learning and growing with me.

Your Teacher, Ms. Khandani