By Hussnain from 4H
On December 5th, all the grade fours at Mountain View Campus had a jolly good time learning about the wonders of vermicomposting! They even got to touch soil and dirt so they feel the differences. Surprisingly the soil was actually worm poo or castings. After, they learned what you should feed to worms and what you should not. They were eager to touch the worms and observe what they were doing. They had a wormy good time with Mike to learn more about worms! We would like to thank Mike and the grade 4 teachers who organized this.

By Jinan from 4H
All grade fours had a Living Soil Presentation on December 5th at Mountain View Campus. We had it so we can learn about vermicomposting. We learned that red wigglers have five hearts, that they don’t have eyes yet they can’t handle light and you could eat red wigglers poop! I learned that we could use worm casting for planting. Then we touched something that was soft and it was Red Wigglers POOP!!! We had so much fun. Thank you Mr. Mike from Living Soil!