Have you read “Just One Goal” by Robert Munsch?

Here is a description of the story:
“Ciara is tired of hauling her hockey gear across town to play on the rink. It makes no sense—there is a perfectly good frozen river in her own backyard! But her dad says it’s too jagged, and her mom says it’s too bumpy, and her older sisters don’t see why she can’t keep going all the way across town, just like they did. But Ciara won’t let anybody stop her. And with a little help from the neighbourhood, she knows that her team, the River Rink Rats, will finally win a game on their own brand new rink.”

Ciara showed perseverance and set out to accomplish her dream of building a rink.

In keeping with these themes, our school invited Ms. Shellyza Murji, a professional athlete for dance, to come and speak to our students about perseverance and about believing in oneself.

Presenter Info:
“Born an amputee, missing her right arm below the elbow, Shellyza has used dance to embrace life.
She is the Founder and CEO of Soul Feet Dance Productions with a Masters in Social Work with a special interest in Dance Therapy. She has pioneered a dance practice that is inclusive of all abilities and fosters discovery; focusing on personal expression that explores vulnerability, courage and joy.”

Check out the links below to learn more about today’s Guest Speaker:
http://sfdp.ca/home – Her Dance Company Page
It is our goal to continue to promote a love of reading within our school.

In doing so, we also hope to inspire these young minds to persevere and to always believe in themselves.

Warmest Regards,

Your Literacy Committee