The Grade 3s at Mountain View campus recently visited the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary where they got a chance to explore animals in their natural habitats. Rain or shine, students went on a nature walk and spotted various animals such as woodpeckers, deer, various species of ducks and birds, geese and their goslings, and if they were lucky, they might have even spotted a beaver or a porcupine. It was neat to see first hand how some of these animals make their homes in the natural environment and how behaviors can also affect their survival.

Students also examined real bones, feathers, fur hides, antlers, animal scat, footprints, and skulls of once living animals to determine their special adaptations for survival. Did you know that a polar bear’s skin is actually black and that their fur may seem white in color, but is actually transparent to allow the sun’s warm rays to be absorbed into their black skin? This helps keep them warm in those cold frigid habitats. Students were amazed by this and the many animal adaptations observed on this fascinating field trip. With all this knowledge about adaptations, students tapped into their creative sides to invent their own elaborate animal equipped with outrageous characteristics and capabilities. Our trip to the Bird Sanctuary turned out to be quite a memorable and informative experience!