To practice and honor the virtue of respect, students at Mountain View Campus have been taking part in our annual Golden Trash Can Awards. Everyday for the past 4 weeks, Mr. Gus has been giving classrooms points for cleanliness and organization. He then announces the winning classes for the gold, silver, and bronze trash cans! Students get small prizes and have the honor of displaying their award in the classroom for that week until the next winners are announced. This is just one small way we can show respect to our school learning environment and to our school custodians who work so hard to keep our classrooms and hallways safe and clean. We hope that students can continue in the habit of cleaning up after themselves up until the end of the the school year and at home! Great job doing your part Almadina!

Congratulations to the winning classes over the last 4 weeks:

Week 1:
Upstairs: Gold – Gr.2 Ms. Hazzard, Silver – Gr. 3 Mrs. Monaco, Bronze – Gr.3 Mrs. Tyrrell
Downstairs: Gold – ECS Mrs. Mahmood, Silver – Gr. 1 Ms. Hess, Bronze – Gr. 4 Ms. Hutchinson

Week 2:
Upstairs: Gold – Gr. 2 Mrs. Bhaidani, Silver – Gr. 3 Mrs. Haziri, Bronze – Gr. 3 Mrs. Chambers
Downstairs: Gold – Gr. 1 Ms. Khandani, Silver – ECS Mrs. Dhanaraj, Bronze – ECS Mrs. Chatt

Week 3:
Upstairs: Gold – Gr. 3 Ms. Vickers, Silver – Gr. 2 Ms. Dassouki, Bronze – Gr. 3 Mrs. Hasni
Downstairs: Gold – Gr. 1 Mrs. Pollett, Silver – Gr. 2 Mr. Doucette, Bronze – Gr. 1 Ms. Mawji

Week 4:
Upstairs: Gold – Gr. 2 Ms. Hazzard, Silver – Gr. 3 Mrs. Tyrrell, Bronze – Gr. 4 Mr. Goodman
Downstairs: Gold – Gr. 4 Mr. Zaidi, Silver – Gr. 2 Mrs. Moores, Bronze – Gr. 1 Ms. Yanofsky