Our grade seven students have been demonstrating our school’s virtue of empathy. This year, they organized several fundraisers in order to raise money for five notable non-profit organizations in our community: Alberta Children’s Hospital, Inn From the Cold, The Bridge Foundation for Youth, Alberta Wilderness Association and The Veterans Food Bank.

Their fundraising activities will conclude with the hosting of a carnival at our school. All students and families are invited to attend. It is recommended that each individual attending the carnival brings between $5.00 to $10.00 in order to be able to partake fully in the festivities. All proceeds raised will be donated in full to the charities listed above.

WHAT: Final Fundraising Carnival
WHERE: Ogden Campus Field
WHEN: Thursday, June.13
TIME: 9:23 AM- 2:04

The grade seven students thank you for supporting their fundraising initiatives and look forward to seeing you there!