Curriculum Support

To support your child’s learning at home, the following table offers resources such as:

  • Long Range Plans developed by your child’s grade level teacher to show what your child is learning in each subject and when
  • Alberta Education Curriculum Express provide grade-at­-a-glance overviews of what students are expected to learn
  • Student Learning Assessment (grade 3) and Provincial Achievement Test (grades 6 and 9) support

Notice regarding 2017-18 SLAs: Almadina participated in the pilot Student Learning Assessments (SLAs) for two years.  For more information, please visit the Student Learning Assessments website.

Long Range Plans

(Currently Being Reviewed)

Curriculum Express PAT Overview Student Learning Assessments (SLA)

Curriculum Express for Parents was written for parents who are English language learners. The document provides a short explanation of school and what students learn in Kindergarten to Grade 3. The series will be extended from Grade 4 to senior high near future.

Click here to see the Curriculum Express