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Building Better Relationships with Students

You might be asking yourself what does this mean, it means for your students to feel safe in your classroom.  We as educators want to be building our students up and helping the to reach their full potential.  How do we do this?

Four Secrets to Building Rapport with Students (even when it’s hard to connect):

  • Take a genuine interest in your students. Use information about their hobbies, interests and talents to inform lesson planning and the feedback you provide.
  • Use your personality to generate humor in your lessons. Remember to keep it tasteful, age-appropriate, non-sarcastic and linked to the learning outcomes of the lesson where possible.
  • Praise your students often, and empower them by recognizing their hidden talents and skills. Remember that praise only works if it is sincere, and remember to keep praising students who consistently work well (as these kids often get ignored after a while.)
  • Get involved in the extra-curricular life of the school. There is always something you can offer to enrich the learning of your students.

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