On May 30, Almadina students showcased their amazing performances for our year end virtues celebration assembly. It was a packed gymnasium that had many parents standing in excitement as they watched their children perform their favourite virtue songs.

Our virtue celebrations wouldn’t be possible without the dedicated planning of our virtues lead team members, Mrs. Haziri, Mrs. Pollett, Mrs. Rollins, Mr.Goodman and Mrs. Bhaidani. A HUGE thank you to our amazing teachers and educational assistants for their assistance with this special event along with the continued support from our administration. It was a pleasure to welcome an abundance of families to our virtue celebration this year.

Almadina’s school virtues program is the core foundation for character education at our school. Each year Almadina staff guide students in doing their PART through the school’s key virtues of Conscience, Acceptance, Respect, Empathy and Self-Control.

We look forward to another successful school year of performances and activities with the Almadina school virtue program!