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Mental health supports

Staff will collaborate and review supportive conversations for dialoguing with students as they return to school, acknowledge experiences and focus on actions and thinking to move forwardStudents will be staggered for the first two weeks to ensure relationship building is prioritizedEstablishing routines is important to provide security and comfort for studentsWellness Empowerment Program staff and

Student Transportation

Almadina will be taking the following measurements to comply with student Transportation Guideline: Parents must not be in the direct pick-up area or enter the bus at any time.  Encourage those parents who are able to drive their children to drive them instead of using bussing.The driver should be provided with a protective zone, which

Monitoring and Responding to Illness

Almadina will be taking the following measures to comply with the Responding to Illness Guidelines: Staff members, parents, and children/students must not enter the school if they are feeling sick, have flu-like symptoms, or are displaying symptoms of COVID-19. If a student develops symptoms while at the school, the student will be asked to wear a

Common and shared spaces

Although the majority of our Physical Education classes will be taking place outside, gymnasiums are open for use and may be used to deliver physical education programming as needed, for example during extreme weather conditions. Instructional tasks should follow the guidelines contained in: The gymnasium may also be utilized for instruction other than PE. It

Risk mitigation for high traffic areas in school facilities

Schools must institute controls to promote physical distancing between all attendees in areas in and outside of the classroom, including hallways, washrooms, and common areasAlmadina will be taking the following measures to comply with Risk mitigation for high traffic areas in school facilities guideline:  Mandatory masking- Students in Grade 4 and up and all staff

Expectations for visitors and other service providers entering the school

Visitor log: keep accurate records of any person other than students and staff entering the building, their reason for entering, and the locations they have accessed in the building . Any approved visitor must complete self-screening and provide follow up contact informationRestrict vendor access to the school to times when students are not present.Restrict the

Online Learning

This is a short term temporary online arrangement due to the unique concerns some parents have expressed with the ongoing pandemic. This will involve up to 6 hours of online mandated instruction and approximately 3 hours of daily independent work. Parents who choose thAn online learning option will be available for parents who commit to

In-person learning

Almadina will be taking the following measures to comply with the In-person learning guideline:  Larger class groupings will be moved to bigger classrooms and other areas to maintain the social distancing guidelines.Students/ teachers must wear masks where social distancing is not possible. 2 reusable masks per student and per teacher will be provided by the

Parental Protocols and Expectations

Drop-off/pickup must support physical distancing of 2 meters between all persons (except household members)Parents are not permitted to enter any of the school buildings at any time. Staff can transition a student to a waiting parent outside of the school as necessary. Parents are not to congregate at the entry for parent drop off and

Physical Distance

Almadina has put in place procedures and plans that support physical distancing and separate cohorts to the greatest extent possible. Almadina will be taking the following measures to comply with the Physical Distancing guideline:   Mandatory masking- Students and staff members must wear masks throughout all common areas and where social distancing is not possible,