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Grade Ones Celebrate the 100th Day of School!

This month was an exciting month for the grade one classes (1Hess, 1Mawji, 1Pollett, 1Yanofsky and 1Khandani) as we celebrated our 100th Day of School! Students explored their numbers from 1-100 at a variety of different literacy and math stations and created their own crowns to mark the day! Have a look at the pictures

Grade 3’s Travel Around the World with Teachers’ Pet!

At the end of January, Grade 3 students from all classes had a visit from Teachers’ Pet to learn more about our four main countries of study in Social Studies. Students “flew” from station to station landing in the countries of Peru, Tunisia, Ukraine, and India to explore what makes each country unique. They examined

4H Explores Fort Calgary

On Wednesday, February 7th Ms. Hutchinson's class enjoyed a field trip to Fort Calgary. They explored the lives of four groups of people who made significant contributions to Alberta today; First Nations, settlers, Royal North West Mounted Police (RNWMP) and missionaries. They examined luggage to determine which group would have carried the artifacts contained in

Winter Wonderland in Grade One

Winter in Grade One is fun! Students engage in winter learning activities through different forms of art. Have a look at the pictures to see how grade ones (Ms. Hess’ Class, Mrs. Pollett’s Class, Ms. Mawji’s Class, Mrs. Yanofsky’s Class and Ms. Khandani’s Class) showed their understanding of animal changes, tree changes and more! Each

Grade 2 Field Trip to Telus Spark

In December the Grade Two students attended a field trip to Telus Spark where they practice being Junior Architects and constructed miniature boats. Students designed up their own building structures, providing them with unique names and services, and tested their floating devices on an indoor river. Students also got to explore the science centre's interactive

Ms. Hutchinson’s Class Trip to the Landfill!

For this blog post, students from Ms. Hutchinson's class blogged about their experiences. Here are a few of the students' blog posts: By: Rayan J. At Almadina, the grade 4’s in Ms. Hutchinson’s class went to a place called Shepard Landfill, on November 2nd to learn about compost, recycling and waste. The students got a

For Pita’s Sake – Grade One In School Field Trip

This Term, at Almadina, the grade one classes had a special visit from the Byblos Bakery. “Almost 25 years ago, Byblos started introducing pita bread in school classrooms. By visiting classrooms and showing kids how to use pita bread to create a quick meal or snack, kids learned that pita could be a fun and

Conscience Virtue Assembly

Students, staff and parents at Almadina were amazed by the power packed performances during the Conscience assembly on Wednesday, November 1st. The virtue stars welcomed everyone with an exhilarating performance that got the entire school moving! Ms. Khandani’s class blew the audience away with their delightful conscience song. Mrs. Monaco and Ms. Hutchinson showed an

Conscience Virtue Stars

To showcase and acknowledge the great student leadership we have here at Mountain View campus, every month teachers from each grade 3 and 4 class select two students to be the Virtue Star representatives for our school. These students continuously demonstrate outstanding virtuous behavior in and outside of the classroom. To share their knowledge of

Grade 3 Field Trip to Ralph Klein Park

Grade 3 Field Trip to Ralph Klein Park The Grade 3’s at Almadina visited a man made wetland area called Ralph Klein park this past month to study real life animal specimens and explore the wetland habitat. Students got a chance to examine animal antlers, fur hides, skulls, teeth, claws, and much more to determine